institucionalANPTrilhos – National Association of Passenger Rail Operators is a civil non-profit entity with a national reach, created with the purpose to promote the development and enhancement of railroad passenger tranportation in Brazil.

Our vision is integrated between our operators, industries and other entities of the sector. ANPTrilhos seeks to develop solutions and technologies that will contribute to better urban mobility in our Country with a vision that is adequate to the reality and specific needs of each brazilian city.

Based on the federal capital, Brasilia/DF, ANPTrilhos has partnered with practically 100% of the subway-railroad passenger operators amongst your associates. Thus being consolidated as the effective representative of the sector in Brazil.

The actions of ANPTrilhos are based on the needs and desires of it’s associates and the users of their services, by partnering with the Public Sector and civil society making concrete projects to develop the sector. This is an element that will ultimatelly contribute to a better quality of brazilian urban mobility.

“The unity of the national subway-railroad system in the name of mobility for Brazilians”

To reach it’s objective, ANPTrilhos has colaborated with public agencies, promoting exchange of information and researches with the purpose to enhance the national railroad system, as well as the current legislation. On a different approach, ANPTrilhos encourages the exchange of technical and scientific information between other entities in order to provide solutions to commmon problems and an improvement of it’s methods along side the government sphere and public agencies.


To promote the development and improvement of passenger railroad transportation in Brazil.


To be known and respected as a reference of an entity that defends the passenger railroad transporation sector in Brazil and internationally.


Ethics, Responsability, Transparency, Commitment and Sustainability.